Northbound train
Take me home again
Northbound train
Blow that whistle and sing
I left my wife in pieces
My children on the run
I don’t give a damn about the time or the money
Just let me get home to my honey
On the Northbound train

Long time ago
And I’m kicked and abused
Long time gone
I’ve been tangled and used
My hometown lies on the line ahead
You got to drift no longer, the preacher said
You lost your soul in the big bad city
Know you left you wife to the small town pity
Oh no! I never did right
My whole life’s been on a long storm
There’s only one thing sadder than the cold and rain
That’s the midnight whistle on the train

One Long Day

City life is closing in on me
The way things go, thirty years,
Bus timetable’ll be my elergy

Up at seven every working day
Pay comes in, pay goes out
It’s a week-by-week charade

General panic in the marketplace
Boss found hung in office
Could not stand the pace

And as the peak-hour traffic jams below
Someone gets the story, somebody spread the rumour
People come and go

Wandered down along the river last night
Call me romantic, I say I couldn’t sleep
Until the first-light struck me down

Padding homeward on the inside lane
Early morning, freeway’s cool and quiet
Dodging rubber stains

People talking in a seaside bar
I ain’t sentimental, but Lord
Sometimes I get that gypsy urge to travel far

You know I’ll disappear some long weekend
Find a mangrove landscape
Stretch out along some busted jetty
And forget who I am

You go to move
You got to go
You go to be somebody
You got to roll
You got to stop
You got to change
You got to make a little money
And be a little strange

And one long day
Is all it takes to steal her heart away
One long night
And it’s allright, you’ve done it again
Soft, low words
And slender ladies, beneath the cafe fans
One long day
Layed by dreams
Cotton dresses, a Spanish border town
Dreams so far
From the subway, the crowds heading home
Close each day
In technicolor, a million miles away
One long night and you’re alone

City ways
Life goes creeping on
I get the blues


I have loved you
From the steeple to the streets of Rome
And I know, Ah yes I know, what’s goin’ down
They will come
When it’s early
And breathe to me your last goodbye
And our long, long love is finally drowned

Teenage dreams
Satin tresses
Lie deserted all along the strand
And the ferryman has poled his way off home
Angels screamed
In those evenings
When I promised you my dying days
And my heart hatched its treasons to run

And Ah
These latter days
I’m fed on distant rumours
But third-hand news is news enough
For hopeless dream consumers

Quite at ease
In an armchair
Steaming coffee standing on my knee
I can still hear you whispering when the fire sighs
How I have loved you
With a careless kind of vanity
As they turned you around
And split us apart
And like a fool
I ran from the start
And in the end they told much smoother lies

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