Never Before

Released 22nd July 2011

Digital only release. All tracks previously unreleased.

  1. Juliet (demo)
  2. Hold Me Now (demo)
  3. Promise Me You’ll Call (demo)
  4. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby (Live)
  5. No Good For You (Live at The Playroom)
  6. Wild Colonial Boy (Live at The Playroom)
  7. Forever Young (Live from The Last Wave tour)
  8. Light My Fire (bootleg – cover of The Doors classic)
  9. Guilty (bootleg – cover of a Randy Newman song)
  10. Bal A Versailles (Don vocal) (Ringside DVD Bonus Track)
  11. This Big Old Car (Ringside DVD Bonus Track)
  12. Way Down (Ringside DVD Bonus Track)
  13. Rip It Up (bootleg – cover of the 50s rock classic)

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