Cold Chisel’s Ian Moss was discharged from hospital this morning after a freak accident saw him hospitalised for a week. Last Monday, the legendary guitarist was bitten on the hand by his family’s cat, leaving the middle finger of his left hand severely infected and badly swollen. After 7 days on intravenous antibiotics, doctors have given Moss the ‘all clear’ to perform with Cold Chisel at the Hordern Pavilion this Wednesday (April 18) and Festival Hall, which has been rescheduled to this Thursday (April 19).

“I’ve heard every cat joke known to man and have been going stir crazy couped up in hospital” said Moss. “Fortunately I’ve had a guitar in my room for the last 48 hours, helping me get match fit for the shows. I can’t wait to get back on stage and slam these new songs and all of our classics.”

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