H-Hour Hotel

I been on the run from bar to bar
Hunchin’ down and movin’ fast
These last few days I’ve been so alone
I got my hat pulled down to quartermast
You’re the only decent thing I’ve seen
In this whole hotel since Danny died
The loneliness these past few years
Was thick enough to chew
You hit me like a Turkish bath
The minute I came through the door
Baby I’ll break down and cry
If you don’t feel it, too
They were gathered round in high-class bars
Doctors’ wives and trendy cokers
Danny’n me we went a bit too far
There was one too many smooth stockbrokers
The mob got ugly just like that
And cut him up with butter knives
Threw his carcass in the hall
Turned their eyes on me
Young Danny was a wild one
A naked threat to all their wives
I had to run to save my skin
And baby here I am
Baby you look good to me
Clothes like 1984
You’ve got something they’ve all forgotten
Let’s not wait, let’s find the door
This hotel goes on and on
My only friend a sharp coat pocket razor
My only love is maybe you
There’s one too many navy blazers
Jesus we’re the only two
I’ve gotta stay with you
Hey lets spend the night

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