Best Kept Lies

Losin’ myself nightly
No-one’s tellin’ me just where you are
Got me like a fever
And movin’ like you’ve got too far
Used to shine so brightly
All is fadin’ now as time goes on
Just when I think I hear you
I look around and you’ll be gone

You got this thing for leavin’
Just as I’m about to really know someone
I’d like to help you with your searchin’
Don’t you know you’re not the only one

Hangin’ all alone
With your best kept lies
Say you’re comin’ home
Give it one more try

You let me know discretely
I ain’t nothin’ when you’re not with me
Once I’d have to call ya
Now all that’s left’s a mystery
Sayin’ goodbyes only
Gonna leave me wonderin’ endlessly
Were you really here
Or someone I am
Yet to see

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