This is your chance for worldwide exposure in a music video for the new COLD CHISEL single ‘Everybody’

Only this time, instead of the band being in on it, it’s the fans that get to be the stars.

We are looking for female and male talent from young to old, literally ANYBODY (and ‘Everybody’) that can show us a particular “talent” or “non-talent” that they may have. It could be anything totally cool or totally NOT cool. From being a Marilyn Monroe or Jimmy Barnes impersonator, from knitting to bad dancing, to body piercings to showing off your tattoos, from cross dressing, to burlesque, to belly dancers, to little princesses, to hipsters that can do a magic trick or juggle, to reading poetry or just rockin out in your own special way, the list is endless and you fill in the blanks!

We just want you to be unique and confident enough that you can perform for us within a ten minute time frame. Note also that elderly people, identical twins of any age, biological rarities, groups and couples are also encouraged to join in, we do not discriminate! Email us your head shot and in 25 words or less explain what you can do for us in a ten minute audition piece on stage:

[email protected]

This will be held as a one day shoot on Tuesday March 27 2012 in Sydney and so we need you to be available on this day. Only successful applicants will be contacted with allocated time and specific venue details.

If you get selected but cannot make the shoot date we will invite you to submit a short clip online – so people outside of Sydney/New South Wales/Australia or people who are unable to travel are still very welcome.

All auditions will be filmed and all participants will be required to sign a release form, otherwise they will not be included in the clip. Note: This is an unpaid project, but the exposure and kudos it will offer you is PRICELESS!!!

Everybody – Cold Chisel – Released on 23.03.12

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