29 OCT 2011 – Sunshine Coast Stadium, Sunshine Coast

Date: Saturday 29th October 2011
Venue: Sunshine Coast Stadium, Sunshine Coast

Outdoor licensed area’s in Queensland do not  permit smoking, there are designated outdoor smoking areas (DOSA’s) in each venue.

GATES: 17:00
DAN PARSONS (Solo): 17:45 (30 MINS)
GRINSPOON: 18:45 (45 MINS)
COLD CHISEL: 20:00 (1HR 50 MINS)
CURFEW: 22:00



As part of the conditions of entry for this event, the following items are not permitted to enter the grounds:

·     Glass
·     Cans
·     Skateboards
·     Milk/bread crates
·     Chairs (folding, portable, camping)
·     Anything studded, i.e. belts, wristbands etc.
·     No club patches or jackets allowed
·     Weapons of any kind
·     Fireworks
·     Alcohol
·     Drugs
·     Video and tape recording devices.
·     Professional still cameras w/ removable lens.
Small still cameras ARE allowed.
·     Laser lights
·     Umbrellas
(Bring a plastic poncho or a raincoat instead.)
·     Water pistols or;
Any other items deemed to be potentially dangerous or disruptive by the Promoters at their sole discretion.


www.ticketek.com.au or 132 849
Licensed All Ages Show. Parental discretion and accompaniment is strongly advised for children 15 years and under


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